Eggs, eggs, eggs!

Eight years old and still laying. Second batch this year 🙂 


Mmm! I Love Blackberries

There are lots of ripe blackberries in the garden and I love them. So basically I squawk loudly until someone feeds me some.



Scruffy but Cute

Scruffy but Cute – Just finished moulting

A Walk in the Nature Reserve with a New Friend

On Saturday, I met a new friend called Toby who was staying with one of my favourite people. We all went to the nature reserve together and Toby decided to traipse through the mud:

a rather muddy dog

A Bit Muddy

I chose to stay out of the mud but chased the ducks around the lake


Emerging from the lake

I was a bit waterlogged when I got out.


A good shake


Wet and Smelly but very happy

The minions objected to my delightful smell and insisted on bathing me when we got home 😦

In Disgrace!

On Saturday, I sneaked out of the garden when Dad had the gate open (cutting the lawn) and went to visit my friends down the road. Sadly they weren’t in.

For some reason panic ensued when everyone realized I was missing. Fortunately a nice man with dogs of his own befriended me and called Mum’s number from my tag.

It was this one from Amazon:

dog tag

Feeling Poorly Today


I’ve eaten something that didn’t agree with me and I’ve been to the vets twice now 😦

Lots of injections and a nasty thermometer up my bum. Yuck!

But it’s not all bad, I did get scrambled egg for my tea last night and it’s been promised tonight too 😀

In the Garden

We have finally had some sun after yesterday’s torrential downpour and so we were both in the garden. Mum gave us some sweetcorn which Buffy insisted was for her. But I don’t think so: dogs like sweetcorn too 😀

eating sweetcorn in the garden

In the Garden